Hello and welcome to my contribution to the cyber world!

My name is Jasse, or that is what I am called by my family. My real name is S*Kosmoskattens Jasmin and I come from Sweden. I am a little Russian (Blue) girl in my best age, and I love everything that makes life worth living.

For the moment I am living with Qat and our two humans on Lidingö, east of Stockholm in Sweden and we enjoy it very much. We just got 5 lovely kittens!!!!!

My humans think that the Russian Blue is the most beautiful cat in the world, and therefore they invite you to discover our little family cattery, so you can se for yourselves. The Russian Blue has a graceful and elegant body, a coat with a silvery sheen and their eyes are vividly green; they only get more and more beautiful and personal with age. It is the cat for the connoisseur!

© S*Catullus' Russian Blue